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 Nike has made subtle changes to the latest iteration of the Air Zoom Winflo to ensure added comfort and durability for the users. Its tongue and collar is padded for a better cushioning experience. Also, the shoe features a cushion crash rail, which allows a smooth transition of the foot during both long-distance and short-distance runs. From landing to toe-off, it reduces the risk of injury from impact. Almost every user mentioned that the shoe was very comfortable. The runners appreciated the sufficient room available in the forefoot section, which accommodated natural toe-splay. The purchasers admired the sleek and stylish look of the shoe. The runners liked the snug fit of the Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 since their feet did not slide inside the shoe during their runs. A few customers seemed very pleased with the color schemes. A user was very happy with his purchase, since he felt like he was walking on a ‘foamy soft cloud’. A purchaser expressed happiness over the affordable price of the shoe. A runner felt that the arch was rather narrow; he thought of going a size up in these shoes. A user found the shoe a little loose in the heel area but too tight around his toes.

An individual thought that the pair was a little bit heavy since his feet got very tired after only 2 miles of running. The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 offers a nice responsive ride in a very well-cushioned environment for the feet at an unbeatable price. Look-wise, it is sleek and stylish and comes in very ‘decent’ colors. It is a neutral running shoe most suitable for runners looking for high comfortably and great durability in a shoe.

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 size and fit

The pair has a standard length and a standard width of D and B for men and women respectively. While the shoe has sufficient space for movement of the toes in the forefoot region, the arch width may be a little narrow for some users. It is recommended to try these shoes first.


The highly durable waffle-tread rubber out-sole boasts a forgiving springiness which is suitable for everyday runners even with bruised feet. This is one of the many innovative features of the Nike which has won hearts of million people all over the world.

The shoe also has the flex grooves in the forefoot region, which allow easy flexion of the foot and a natural stride.


The two-toned mid-sole with Nike Zoom Air Unit is another trait of this shoe which makes it stand out in the market. The Nike Air family’s exclusive Nike Zoom cushioning is a lightweight layer of cushion that not only provides high comfort, but also a responsive underfoot experience.

Cushion crash rail provides additional security to the feet during running. This pad saves one’s foot from the impact phase and ensures a smooth transition from toe-off to landing.


The breathable fabric lining ensures a healthy and a properly ventilated ambient environment for the users. The fabric on the shoe’s upper feels smooth and soft against the skin. Its comfort on the inside is further improved through the incorporation of a slightly padded collar and tongue.

The lace-up closure ensures both a snug fit and the maintenance of feet’s proper positions during running.

Another interesting feature of the Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 is the Fly-wire cables. These cables, used by the Nike’s Dynamic fit system, are very similar to the cables on a suspension bridge. These strong strings secure the foot firming in their place, thereby eliminating the space between the foot and the shoe for an unparalleled fit, comfort and utilization of the shoe’s potential to its maximum


Want To Buy This? Click Here – https://amzn.to/2RxXQLM