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The Vans Atwood are comfortable sneakers that are great for walking around in the city, many users reported. One person said that her feet still felt okay even after a 10-hour shift.
PROS :- The style of the low-top sneakers got many rave reviews from people who liked the footwear’s fresh, minimalist, and clean look. They added that the shoes look good when worn dressed up as business casual or down, for hanging out.
The lifestyle footwear provides a great fit even for wide-footed users, according to several testers.
Some purchasers stated that the Vans Atwood shoes’ colorways go with everything and the shades look even better in person. Several of them indicated that they were going to purchase more pairs in different colors.
The Vans Atwood sneakers are lightweight and breathe pretty well, a few individuals commented.
A couple of consumers were pleased to find out that the casual footwear is deep enough to accommodate custom orthotics.
CONS :- One person called the shoes’ price as “ridiculously inexpensive” while another commended the affordable price for such an “all-around great chill shoe.”
A good number of people complained that the Vans Atwood low-tops wore out quickly. They reported that the sole started separating from the canvas after only a short period of use.
The lifestyle sneakers feel tight and narrow on the feet while being broken in.
One person did not like the laces on the Vans Atwood shoes. He said they were too long and hard to tuck under the tongue.
Comfort enough for all-day wear and clean styling describe the Vans Atwood sneakers very well. The shoes have a simple and classic look that would not look out of place in either a casual or business setting. They are also lightweight, breathable, and priced affordably. However, according to several reviews, the low-tops’ soles tend to fall apart easily even when not being used for skating. They also need breaking-in.

Vans Atwood History
Vans started out in 1966 as The Van Doren Rubber Company. On the day the company first opened for business, the only manufactured shoes they had were all display models, and there were only three of those. They did not have any ready inventory and only manufactured the shoes right after their customers have picked out the styles and colors they liked. On that day, they had 12 customers who purchased the Vans deck footwear—now known as Authentic—in the morning and returned later in the afternoon to collect the newly-manufactured shoes.

The first Vans shoes were designed to be “as strong as a Sherman Tank.” They had very thick soles and the canvas upper was made from Duck Canvas #10 which was the strongest kind that can be bought. The goal was to produce footwear that the buyer would proudly show off to his friends.

The Vans shoes quickly caught on especially among skateboarders who loved the durability of the footwear along with the sticky soles. The company gained further recognition in 1982 when a Universal Studio representative asked for a few pairs of the checkerboard Classic Slip-Ons to be used in the studio’s upcoming movie. The movie turned out to be Sean Penn’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and it helped the brand sell millions of their shoes.

The company has produced countless silhouettes since then, including the Era, Slip-On, Old Skool, Atwood, and more.

Vans Atwood Style
The Vans Atwood has a laid-back design that is easy enough to style. Match your Vans pair with khaki pants, skinny or distressed jeans, and shorts. Top off with a collared shirt, sweater, or a casual tee. Women can wear the shoes with leggings and dresses as well.

Fit & Sizing
The Vans Atwood is available in men’s and women’s sizes. The sizes for women range from 5 to 11 while the men’s sizes range from 6 to 13. The lace closure allows wearers to adjust the fit accordingly. The padded tongues and collars add security and comfort during rides and on casual days.

Notable Features
The Vans Atwood low-top silhouette features an old-school look that brings to mind heritage Vans footwear. Aside from the style, the most notable feature of the shoes is the all-day comfort they provide.

Additional Info
The Vans Atwood sneakers have a double-stitched canvas upper, Vans Original Waffle out-soles, and padded tongues and collars.
Several colorways are available for this model including Mint, Crimson Mono, Olive Mono, Black, Pewter, Burgundy, and more.
The Atwood model has three styles: Low, High, and Mid. The mid model became the subject of a collaboration between Vans and the BMX brand, CVLT in June of 2011.

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