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PROS :- Lots of users loved that its design can be paired with different colors of pants and shirts.
Plenty of buyers found this shoe versatile.
The canvas upper is breathable, noted by some delighted buyers.
Several consumers stated the Vans Vintage Old School offers adequate cushioning.
The feet aren’t cramped inside as its structure felt true to size.
Several buyers described this sneaker as multi-functional it can be worn for different activities, from school, skateboarding, and leisure.
Vans loyalists affirmed that this classic shoe is as excellent as earlier versions.
Vans Vintage Old School remains trendy as older styles.
Offers a nostalgic appeal which is adored by Vans fans from the 1990’s.
Numerous buyers find this shoe very comfortable.
A significant sum found this shoe durable.
A worthy pair of shoes for everyday use.
A couple of users stated it offers excellent arch support.
Some of those who vouched getting another pair are recommending this sneaker to other prospective buyers.
A very affordable Vans sneaker.

CONS :- According to a reviewer, the inner corner of the shoe that’s connected to the upper begins to tear in less than ten months.
At least one buyer griped that this shoe is hideous as it appears like a clown shoe when worn.Vans gives its timeless Old School a more classic appeal with the release of the Vintage variety that’s teeming with elements reminiscent of a bygone era. The modification, which made use of dark tonal shades on the upper, is welcomed by those with strong affinity over conservative styles. The low-top Vintage Old School is embraced by Vans’ loyalists and sneaker consumers as it retained the winsome properties of older varieties. This includes having a fortified toe region, reinforced toe bumper, moderately padded collar, and sufficient cushioning at the underfoot. Further sealing the deal and giving some buyers the desire to get another pair is this shoe’s reasonably low-priced value.

Vans Vintage Old School History
One ubiquitous low-top sneaker that marvelously bridged the gap between skate fashion and high-end couture and prospered from the street curbs to the runways is the Vans Old School. Created initially as a skate shoe back in 1977, the Old School resist being confined only to street-wear circles comprising of mainly skateboarders, bikers, and surfers, as it effortlessly wound up on the feet of sneaker enthusiasts, fashion elite, and luminaries through the years.

The Old School produced by the Van Doren Rubber Company or simply Vans made its first appearance in the Southern Californian surfers’ haven back in 1977 as a skate-centric model. Featuring a vulcanized out-sole, this classic icon was the brand’s first retreat from a deck shoe.

Debuted over a decade after the launch of the Vans #44 or Vans Authentic, this sneaker exhibited for the first time a curvy strip of leather on the side panels which was later coined the Side-stripe and deemed the symbol of the brand.

Through several reinterpretations in the past four decades, utilizing a mixture of colors, designs, and fabrics, this low-top Old School sneaker looks fresh as ever. The Vans Vintage Old School is one of the many refashioned versions of this classic cut that pays tribute to the original silhouette.

Vans Vintage Old School Style
Vans Vintage Old School turns up with a classic facade, decked with a combination of hard-wearing canvas and reinforced suede materials on the upper. This low-top went beyond the traditional black and white cover and utilized a funky fusion of retro shades to cover and strengthen its exterior body. The contrasting suede accents on the Ollie front and heel areas aren’t for aesthetics only but collectively functions as a shield that protects the feet from repeated impact and blows. The simplicity of this design, which is a complete throwback of the 1970’s model, pairs well with any thinkable casual wear for all day use.

Fit & Sizing
The low-top Vans Vintage Old School is outfitted with a breathable canvas upper, accentuated by suede supports on the forefoot and heel which are susceptible to repeated collisions, smashes, bangs, and blows. This sneaker which comes true to size is available in 5 to 13 US and 5 to 12 US for the men’s and women’s respectively.

Notable Features
Van’s Vintage Old School is a comeback style of the time-honored skate icon, the Old School. Style versatility is one the appealing factors of this low-top model, which is harmonized by hard-wearing upper and out-sole components that make this shoe fitting on and off the skateboard. The textile upper which grants ventilation weds with the extra grippy signature waffle sole that’s pliable as well.

Additional Info
The low-top Vans Vintage Old School is made with a reinforced toecap.
A padded collar protects the ankle area.
The suede heel counter is built to provide support.
The bottom part of the shoe is structured with a low to the ground vulcanized sole.

Want To Buy This? Click Here – https://amzn.to/2RSravE